Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I heart Louisville, Kentucky. So. So. Much.

I simply adore the city of Louisville, Kentucky.

I first visited there in 1984 when my family took our show heifers there for the Shorthorn Junior Nationals.

Ever since then, I have had a special attachment to the place.

It was the home of my first "real" job after college.
I got to live there for about two years working for a grain company.

We went there this past weekend to pick up "Clay" our new Vizsla puppy.

Our first stop after our five our drive was to Cherokee Park.
Ahhh.  Beautiful place right off of Grinstead in Louisville.

Please don't notice my hat head-hair.
I wore a cap all day and then took it off right in time for pictures.
Sometimes I can be dumb like that.
Tally's hair looks quite nice though.

After we checked into our hotel, our friend Holly told us we HAD to go to Lynn's Paradise Cafe.
Now I see why.
There are crazy statues all around it.
Highly recommend it if you travel to the city.
Not sure what my girls are doing here?

Here's the postcard in case you need to remember this place.

A closer up version of that horse by the entrance.
Grace of course, thought it looked like a skinnier version of her horse Trip.
(Who btw...almost always looks like he's ready to foal.  Even though he's a gelding.  But I can TOTALLY relate to you Trip. I like food that much too.)

Look at the cute little frosty mugs that came with our malted beverages?

After a delicious meal of hamburgers, cheesy grits, and ginormous helpings of macaroni and cheese, we decided we had to end the meal with a milkshake.

What is this delicious concoction you say?
Since Kentucky is known for their fine bourbon,
this is a Chocolate Bourbon milkshake.

And since I liked it so much I asked for the recipe.

In a blender mix:
Vanilla ice cream
Chocolate Chips
Kentucky Special Reserve Bourbon

Top with whipped cream and more nuts and chocolate chips.
Eat and don't drive.
The girls were quite jealous but too bad.  You can have one in 11 and 16 more years.

Definitely how I prefer my whiskey!

More fun on the way out the door. 
I love these things.

Like all money traps, er, I mean novelty venues,
a funky and fun gift shop is adjacent to the restaurant.
You can find fun things like Bacon bandaids, fire ant mints,
cupcake dental floss, and macaroni & cheese air fresheners.
You know, all the necessities in life.

Here are Clay and Hailey leaving their fabulous Kentucky home of Holly & Pooh.
(I hope you can figure out which one is the dog.  Pooh would be a terrible human name).

Clay made it to his new home in Missouri just fine.
Hailey went to her new home as well, just down the road.
He and the girls seem to be getting along splendidly.

Life is so hard when you are a puppy.


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