Sunday, August 19, 2012

I love my sister.

Happy Birthday Lisa!

I love you oh so very much.
I could not find a picture of you without you smiling or nurturing something.

Here are 38 of my favorite memories & times with you:

1.  You still deny you were dancing with Toby O. in kindergarten naptime instead of resting.  Give it up.  I saw you.

2. Remember when you broke your arm roller skating and you lost your little brackets to your brace at recess and I freaked out thinking your arm would fall off?

3.  Playing Snoopy's almost every day of our childhood.
You had the Philo's and I had the Beddo's.

4. Why did our parents let us watch Clint Eastwood movies at that age?
(Any Which Way You Can anyone with the monkey Clyde?)

5. One of our few and only fights where we got the scissors out and threatened to cut each other?

6. The time we drank way to much grape juice at school snack and barfed it up all over our desks?

7. Throwing our Wheaties in the trash every morning behind Mom's back so we could get the 3 UPS symbols for the Mary Lou Retton poster?

8. Riding the school bus and having kool-aid and spit ball fights?

9. Going to the barn every day after school and you having Barn Duty with Hoot?

10. Playing "Paula" and "Cherie" in the backyard with Mary Anne?

11.  Going to Stacy's house to play and the time we thought it would be funny to give her a bag of actual "stickers" (grass burrs) and tell her they were "stickers?"

12.  Smelling the couches after people left the house because we were weird?

13. Hiding in terror under the bed because Scotta told us the Masked Marbler was on the loose and coming out to the ranch?

14. All of our broken bones and endless casts?

15.  Thinking it was a good idea to tie kites to the back of our bikes and ride as fast as we could down the cow trails to make them fly?

16. Swimming in the new water troughs under the windmills before they got all mossy and bug infested?

17. Turning our goldfish out in the horse troughs and finding them frozen that winter but then they magically came back to life in the spring?

18. Remember when the little pickup slid in the ditch and the back wheels were up in the air spinning?

19. Or when we were driving home from the basketball game in town and I ran into the steer on the road?  Err.

20. Speaking of steers.  All of our show steers and heifers names?  Isaiah, Howie, Snoopy, Woody, Sammy Hagar, Bullet, Kooly, Stella, Heather, Groundsow, Misery, Vicki Vail...

21. The time we dressed our tomcat up in a dress and he got loose and ran around the house for 3 days?

22. The terrible ideas we had with the cats in our playroom trying to see if they landed on their feet when they fell?

23.  The even terrible-er names we came up with for the dogs when we would play cars in the dirt and make tiny little cattle guards out of toothpicks?

24. The rolls and no-bake cookies in the school cafeteria?

25. Going to the cotton fields with Mary Anne to pick cotton so we could make our own coats?

26. Playing barbies with Scotta and she'd make us have all of the broken ones?

27. Robert teaching us about "mustard sandwiches"?

28. Pretending we knew how to "dip" and constantly spitting out of the back of the pickup?

29. Catching the bus at 645 in the morning?

30.  The time we swear Mom left us in our cribs all day when she went to Lubbock?

31.  The other time she made us take tap classes and we hated it?

32. Our Wonder Woman swimsuits?

33.  Birthday parties at the community center and we always got to have two separate cakes?

34. Reading Tinker and Tanker?

35. Getting up at 7 a.m. on Saturdays so we could always watch the Smurfs?

36. Coming home after school and watching Little House on the Prairie before going to the barn?

37.  Saying goodbye at OSU in front of the dorms when we decided to go to separate colleges?

38.  How I probably don't say it enough but you are the best sister ever.  



  1. Lisa is pretty awesome! Happy birthday to you both!

  2. Soooo sweet, she will treasure this. And happy birthday to YOU, too!!!


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