Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Coffee Table Rescue

Oh, what to do when the kids are at school and I am not at work?

Rescue my coffee table, that's what.

This coffee table came from a garage sale back in the 1990's.  Ha!  That is funny saying that.  So very literally, it came from last century.
I think I paid $25 for it.

When I turned it over and took it apart, I saw "MADE IN CHINA" in big black letters underneath the top.  Nothing says personal, vintage, or one of a kind more than that.

I like the size of it (our great room is pretty large) and the bottom cage-looking part makes an EXCELLENT hide-and-seek spot if you are under 50 pounds. So I wanted to keep it.  It just needed some desperate TLC.

Like a moth to a flame, I couldn't help but get out my favorite Annie Sloan color, "Co-Co".  I have a Co-Co addiction.  I'm crazy for it.  Crazy for Co-Co puffs I tell you.  
I just love, love, love this color.

So I used, AS Coco and Old Ochre, with lots of dark wax.  As I was painting and humming and spending alone time in the garage, I was wondering why I like dark wax so much?  I finally concluded it is because I like the kind of dirty old look it gives things.  And let's face it.  I hate to dust and clean house.  So if I can make things look old and dirty...well there you have it.

Here is mid-project...

Note my flip flops on the ground which gave me a blister - which is why I was barefoot at this point - and now they are in the Good Will box.

And I have no idea what that awful ooze is on the garage floor.  Why do cars ooze fluid?  Yipes.  Now that I think about it, I hope it was the car that did that.  Nevermind. 

Here it is!  I put the mason jars my twin sent me for our birthday on top.
Let's also celebrate that since my youngest is now five, I can confidently display things ON TOP of the coffee table again.  You young moms out there know that there is a period of years you can NOT put anything out like this, lest it be subject to little sticky, stinky, curious hands.

Oooh!  And here is a close up.  I also got a new orbital sander for my birthday because my family is THE BEST!

 Thanks for reading!  I had such a fun afternoon getting lost in a project.  You know you really like to do something when you forget the time, forget to eat, almost forget your kids need to be picked up from school, etc.


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  1. This is soooo pretty, LOVE!!! You are so talented!!

  2. Wow, what a difference you made! I agree, having a good hide and seek spot is key to choosing furniture! ;)

  3. Thanks! After I paint something I always wonder why on earth I didn't do it sooner! Amy...let's do yours soon!


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