Monday, November 5, 2012

Cowgirls, Vampires and Old Ladies

In an effort to procrastinate and do anything today besides laundry and paying bills, I have sufficiently distracted myself most of the morning by editing and laughing at Halloween pictures.

Oh!  And I might be on my fourth cup of coffee.

If we could get inside Evie's head she seems to be saying, "I hate waiting in lines.  Lines are so dumb.  Come to think of it, cowgirls should not have to wait in lines EVER.  I need my horse, some tequila, and some country music, Pronto."

Here is Grace as a Magazine for her first costume at the elementary parade.  This was one of those Mom I-told-you-so moments where I wanted to jump in, be bossy, and tell her she was going to really get tired of carrying that old washing machine box around all morning, but I didn't.

So after she came home from school and said precisely what I was thinking earlier, we loaded up and headed to our local thrift store so she could be an Old Lady.  

An old Christmas candy cane, a can of brown spray paint, and $12 worth of stinky clothes later, she had her costume.

Little sister then decided she was over being a cowgirl too so she changed into a vampire.
Luckily we had a cape already and all she needed was a fancy make up job.

Later that evening, Evie posed for some photos with her best friend Kendall.

Kendall is the size of a little pixie fairy.

My favorite part of this picture was the random hand.  Very Halloween-ish don't you think?

This was Kendall's meanest face.  
Evie, at this point, was completely over me taking photos.

Don't you just love seeing kids in costumes?  What were your favorites?


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