Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My big fat break and vacation

So many of you have asked me recently, "Where is your blog?"

The long and short answer is that I took a break.  A rather big, fat one.

Last fall I had a lot of back issues.  This was the first time in my life I have had to see specialists, get MRI's and all kinds of junk.  I did not like it at all.  So I had to come to terms with the fact that as I likely face the second half of my life, I was going to need to get mean and serious about my health and taking care of myself.

And as it turns out, taking care of yourself takes A LOT of time.
When I could be blogging, I have chosen to work out. 
When I could be cleaning house, I have been playing tennis.  
I may have been going a little overboard with the tennis thing. 
Oh well.
But four months and counting, exercise and strength training are a priority for me.  Me and Tally (our 13 year old labrador) take our pills and supplements every morning from our color coded pill box.

So thanks for welcoming me back.  

I am sharing some fun pictures from our recent family vacation to Washington D.C.  Here's the top ten highlights from our trip:

1.  Monticello (which Evie kept calling "Monty Chello" and thinking it was one of the presidents) is absolutely beautiful.

2.  I forget how wishy washy March can be.  Some days feel like winter and others like spring.  Unfortunately for us, it snowed and was cold most of the time.  But we seriously didn't care.

3.  The Grand Hyatt in Washington D.C. was beautiful.  Our favorite part was the elaborate breakfast that was free each morning.  Well, there is no such thing as a free lunch (Econ 101).  But you get my point.

4.  Since I had lived in D.C. in college, I overestimated my Metro-savviness.  And we forgot how fast the doors shut during non-peak hours.  I'm not naming names, but some family might have gotten separated on the trains Sunday.  Cell phones might have been a life savor for the separated couple. 

5.  The grass at the mall was all trampled and bare due to the recent inaugeration in January. 

6.  Grace was all smiles inside Ford's Theatre.  We watched a play that morning.

7.  One of the girls favorite things we did was take a trolley one evening for a "Monuments by Moonlight" tour.  Kind of pricey, but well worth it.  
Because of the crowds, we always split up into twos and had "monument buddies".  Here's a pair below.

8.  The girls favorite monument was the FDR memorial.

9.  On the last day there we spent the morning at Arlington Cemetery so we could watch the changing of the guards.  The cherry blossoms were almost out.

10.  The best part of the whole trip?  Actually spending 28 hours in the car away from animals, work, responsibility, email and phones.  Family vacations are indeed the best.


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