What I'm Reading

Junie B. Jones is one of my favorite characters on the PLANET!

We are reading her Thanksgiving book aloud every evening.  Because of this, I make my kids things like Exploding Biscuits and Snausages for breakfast.

Don't worry about your age.  I am almost 40 and I adore her books.  This Thanksgiving one is no exception.  

I just finished this book in 5 days.  I typically prefer non-fiction over fiction, but I devoured this book.  Because I am weird and love dark things.  Weird, I know.
Put on your big girl panties and get ready to read a thriller and a page turner.  Can't spoil any more than offering, it is pretty fun to turn each page and wonder who is crazier, the wife or the husband.  Delicious summer read.
Thanks to my friends Desta and Sarah for recommending.