What I'm Watching

Oooooooh.  Damages is so good.  Kind of like a John Grisham novel in television form.  We are on Season 2 and hooked.  
Well, except for the few nights my cold medicine kicked in early and I zonked out at 8:30 p.m.  
Great show.

How is it that we have never watched the Sopranos?
Oh right.  We are cheap, thrifty, and don't have cable.
So we are just getting around to watching this.
I'll keep you posted on my thoughts...

Sob.  Cry. Wimper.
We just finished season five of Dexter.
Boo Hoo.
I am in love with Dexter.  I don't mind that he is a serial killer.  I could totally overlook that.
We are too cheap to get cable.  We are too cheap to buy anything on Itunes. And since I don't know when Dexter Season 6 will come out on Netflix, I am awaiting a new obsession.
Ideas would be welcome...

We LOVED this movie.  Claire Danes was brilliant.  It was such a wonderful reminder of how the love of a mother can change a life.  And that autism does not define someone.  And I was absolutely giddy at all of the cattle references and that Temple, you love cows even more than I do.  
If you are my family member and reading this...go watch this movie now. I mean it.

Dexter, you are growing on me like only an adorable serial killer can do.  We are wee into the early years of this show but don't spoil it for me.  (Ice Truck Killer for those of you that are light years ahead of us in tv land).